The Story of Stella: A Pioneer in Sustainable High Fashion

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Beautiful and sustainable. That’s been the mission for Stella McCartney ever since day one. The world-renowned English fashion designer is no stranger to using her brand, voice, and influence to push the fashion industry towards more sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly practices. Her achievements go far beyond fashion and extend well into being one of the first and only artists in the industry to call for sustainable change. From protecting the earth to protecting animals, creating fashion with a positive impact has always been something close to McCartney's heart.

Fashion sparked the designer's interest at an early age and began making her own clothes as young as the age of thirteen. Later she interned under Christian Lacroix and went on to complete a degree in Fashion Design at the highly-acclaimed university Central St. Martins in London. With her father being one of the world's most famous musicians and her mother a photographer, creativity seemed to be in her blood, and soon her brand became favored by nearly everyone in the fashion community. However, it also might be because of her parents' passions that her brand's mission statement is what it is today, as both Paul and Linda McCartney were both animal rights activists and voices for eco-friendly practice.

“We are agents of change. We challenge and push boundaries to make luxurious products in a way that is fit for the world we live in today and the future: beautiful and sustainable. No compromises.”

Hold or wear any Stella McCartney product and whether you know it or not, that item has played a small but positive role in changing the fashion world as we know it. “The future of fashion relies on people,” says McCartney’s official website, and it is here that the brand makes it clear they value everyone on their team from the farmers who grow the crops for materials to the wide-eyed girls wandering through the doors of her stores all over the world. 

One of the most inspiring things about Stella McCartney is that in an industry that many times only seems accessible to those who can afford it, her sustainable mission and message makes it clear that anyone can make a difference. Her statement not only means that anyone can have a positive impact, but also that everyone matters. "Be mindful of your consumption,” she says to consumers. “I think the one thing we've forgotten is that we make the choices. It's really important to know what you're consuming, to ask questions, to reduce your meat intake, to look at how you're living your life, and how that has an impact on the environment.” We all have a part to play.

Stella McCartney has chosen for her brand to be sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly, and that’s a choice she consciously and consistently makes. More than ever before, consumers are demanding the sources of their fashion to be transparent and truthful about how their clothing is made. McCartney herself makes it a point to say, “You can challenge the people who are making your fashion.”

Though her products are couture, her brand has just as much influence as many other world-renowned, celebrity-bought, high fashion brands. If other designers, creatives, and companies committed to sustainability and never used leather or fur, recycled nylon, used technology that wouldn’t further damage the environment and took care of every person in their supply chain the way they do at Stella McCartney, then perhaps we’d be on track to a better, healthier Earth and industry a little faster.

Stella McCartney is still and always has been the blueprint for caring and careful fashion. Beautiful and sustainable. No compromises.


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Photo Credit: Stella McCartney 2018

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