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How to Stay Sustainble on a Budget

Actualizado: 12 feb 2021


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With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all of us and our wallets, sustainable fashion has become even more out of reach for most people.

In order to help you save money, but also show that sustainability does not have to cost a fortune, here are some tips for staying eco-friendly while on a budget.

Repurpose your old clothes

You have probably reorganised your whole apartment and found plenty of things you don't need or use anymore while quarantining at home, including your clothes.

While most of the people just throw all of it away (something you absolutely mustn't do!), if you're dedicated to sustainable fashion you will probably think of other ways to transform your old pieces.

A sweater which turned into socks, jeans becoming shorts, old tee shirts becoming your mask – there are plenty of ways to reuse old items which have probably lost their original appeal. If you are skilled with a needle or a sewing machine, you can also include patches and give your clothes a fresh look.

Glitter, pearls, and pom-poms can become your new favorite trend and can be added to your clothes with the help of some glue. Besides clothes, you can also try transforming your shoes.

Go thrift shopping

Are you in desperate need for new boots or a coat? It's not time for splurging – go to a thrift shop.

If you are new to sustainable shopping it might seem strange at the very beginning, but you will be amazed by their incredible range of options sooner than later. Contrary to the fast- fashion stores, you won't know what to expect when you go into a thrift store.

A wide range of clothes from different time periods and a selection of vintage clothes and bags will help you experiment and explore your creativity, outside of the current fashion trends. Also, it is the perfect place for finding unique pieces which probably no one else will have.

You can also start following people on social media who advocate for sustainable fashion, and find out where they shop and how they source their own clothes. Social media is also a great place for sales, so watch out for people who sell their old clothes for a really small price.

Think twice before you buy

We are all victims of our own impulsive behaviours, especially when it comes to shopping. You may have come around a perfect sustainable piece you want to have, but is it really worth it?

In order to be sustainable we also need to learn how to shop less, and more effectively. Going to a shopping mall can be triggering, and it can make you buy a huge amount of clothes – which you will regret later. Rather than doing that, go out, explore and then go home. Think about the pieces you liked and decide which ones you really need and are worth it. This way you will make smarter decisions, be more sustainable and save money.

Make your own clothes

While it does sound hard for people who have never tried knitting or sewing, this can become your new cheap, useful and sustainable hobby!

Patterns, needles and wool are pretty cheap and you can make whatever you want from them. Most tee shirts, shirts or accessories don't even require a sewing machine, so you can start with that.

As your skills improve, you can take your clothes to another level by adding more complicated patterns or patches. This way, you can make unique clothes that will fit like a glove.

What are you waiting for? Join the sustainable fashion movement today! Every effort, no matter how little, matters.

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