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Career Opportunities in the Sustainability Field

Actualizado: 25 feb 2021

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The sustainability field is an ever-expanding industry with many new, exciting and innovative opportunities being created every day. One hugely important category that’s been created through this expansion is the variety of careers in sustainability that are needed in today’s society.

Due to the huge demand for sustainable products in 2020, this has also created a need for more sustainable marketing campaigns from companies. These campaigns are moving away from product-focused marketing to a more customer-centric approach.

Sustainable marketing not only involves trying to guide consumers towards purchasing a more sustainable product, but also ensuring that the campaigns themselves are being carried out in an ethical way. This can include discouraging the current consumption rate.

According to Nielsen, “55% of global consumers are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact up 10% from 2011”, which is in turn causing companies to invest more in creating and subsequently marketing the ways in which they have a positive social and environmental impact; to improve their brand image and customer relationships.

Sustainable marketing has also helped to push a rise in digital marketing, typically a more environmentally friendly approach than traditional marketing. Traditional marketing often requires materials that are more difficult to produce and distribute while remaining carbon neutral, such as paper.

Lots of these careers are heavily research-based. To keep the sustainability field progressing and successful, it is important to keep on top of technological and scientific advancements. Therefore creating a need for new job sectors to establish the most effective ways to do this and then provide brands with a way to put this into practice in due course.

One example of a more common career in the sustainability field is a Sustainability Strategist. Many businesses are starting to hire people into this role to strategize ways that their company can become more sustainable. This can include assessing the carbon footprint of the company, researching and sourcing environmentally friendly materials in the supply chain and putting into place a long-term plan for problem solving.

People in job roles such as Sustainability Strategists will often work alongside Environmental Lawyers to ensure that the companies are abiding by all climate laws. These lawyers are in increasingly high demand with the introduction of tighter environmental regulations and this is therefore an extremely vital career path.

The fashion industry is creating a lot of opportunities for careers in the sustainability field. These can again include reviewing and resourcing materials in the supply chain as well as marketing roles. However, additionally the fashion industry is starting to encourage and promote sustainable and ethical designers over those that were previously favoured in fast fashion.

In addition to this, an entry level career into fashion sustainability is second-hand, used or vintage reselling. This can range between anything from selling your own old or worn clothes on apps such as Depop or eBay, to running an ethical vintage store online or on the high street. These career paths also encourage economic sustainability.

All in all, career opportunities in the sustainability field are constantly expanding and an extremely important path to follow in the future. With the never-ending variety of roles and opportunities, it can definitely be said that anyone can pursue a career in sustainability in the current climate and find a sector that suits them.

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